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Roland Anthony Rios

Founder & CEO

Roland Rios is the Founder & CEO of Rios Packaging Corporation, a new start-up manufacturing plant specializing in bakery boxes.


Prior to founding Rios Packaging Corporation, Roland served 20 years in the paper converting and manufacturing for a large corporation in Dallas, TX. Mr. Rios’ knowledge in lean manufacturing has enabled him to rise above all competition in the same field.  

On his spare time Mr. Rios enjoys spending time with his grandchildren. He also likes to fly airplanes when time permits; he's a Multi-engine Instrument Rated Private Pilot.

Mr. Rios holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from the University of Texas and an MBA from Southern Methodist University in Dallas TX.


Chuck McLean

Vice President -Sales

 Chuck was asked by Roland to join him in creating this new folding carton plant specializing in bakery boxes.

Having been in the Paper Industry and many different capacities over his 51 year career he brought a world of experience that has aided in a smooth startup and steady Market Growth.

In his spare time Chuck is a avid reader of Ancient Christianity and Old World History. He enjoys visiting his family back in Louisiana proudly proclaiming 14 grandchildren from the ages of 3 to 34 years.

Chuck is an alumni of La Poly Technical Institution better known as Louisiana Tech University these days. 


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Arely is the office manager of Rios Packaging, the new member of this new bakery manufacturing plant. 

Arely believed that with Mr. Rios and Mr. McLean's help and her education knowledge will implement new strategies and ideas to the company. 

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. At the same time, she loves to draw and read. 

Arely is a senior at Texas A&M University. She is working on her Architecture major and double minoring in business and urban planning. After graduation, she plans to do her masters degree at the University of Texas.


Arely Munoz

Office Manager